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The First Anzac Day

The 10th Battalion was the first infantry battalion raised in South Australia for service during The Great War, they were at the head of the covering force for the Anzac Cove (Gaba Tepe) landing and amongst the first ashore, they fought in many of the worst battles of the Western Front. In the darkness and chaos of the landing two 10th Battalion scouts, Arthur Blackburn and Philip Robin, made it across the peninsula to their unit’s objective Scrubby Knoll. No allied soldier would set foot there again during the entire campaign.

Meanwhile Australians were finding ways to raise funds, care for the wounded and honour the dead. On the 13th of October 1915 South Australia’s Eight Hour Day was renamed Anzac Day. A huge procession was held that included wounded veterans and 5000 AIF soldiers. Proceeds from the day’s events were donated to the Wounded Soldiers Fund. In an effort to attract a big crowd a number of sports and novelty events were held on Adelaide Oval after the procession. The day culminated with two obsolete horse drawn trams being crashed into each other and exploded in front of a crowd of 20,000.

This hour film follows the formation of the 10th Battalion, what became of the scouts and explores The First Anzac Day.
DVD extras (28 mins)
1) Arthur Blackburn V.C.
2) John Gordon M.C.
3) Dardanelles Cenotaph (the first ANZAC memorial in the Commonwealth )
4) The Trams and the Lost Film of ‘The First Anzac Day’

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Paddle Steamer & Barge Building in Goolwa 1853 – 1914

is a 40 min. documentary made in collaboration with The Friends of the PS Oscar W.
The historic River Port of Goolwa is located near the mouth of the Murray River in South Australia. Goolwa saw the birth of the Murray River trade and it was the only port on the Murray Darling River system where entire riverboats where constructed. Between 1853 and 1913 sixty one vessels, including thirty seven paddle steamers were built at Goolwa. This documentary explores the lost history of shipbuilding at Goolwa and the craft of these early shipwrights. Available on DVD from The Friends of PS Oscar W at Goolwa.

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On Show which is one of a series of films produced for Ute-opia, an exhibition from the National Motor Museum celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Holden Ute. It features Holden Ute owners sharing their passion for their beloved utes. Produced by the National Motor Museum and Starkeyz productions for General Motors Holden.



The Visionary Lights

was made for the OzAsia Festival 2013. It explores the shared history of Adelaide, South Australia and George Town, Penang. Colonel William Light was the first Surveyor General for South Australia and planned the City of Adelaide, he was born in Penang. His father, Francis, was the founder of the British colony of George Town. Adelaide and George Town, Penang have a Sister City relationship which was signed into being in 1973. Adelaide Festival Centre, Migration Museum and Adelaide City Council collaborated on the film.



Thrown Over: Burial at Sea

was made in collaboration with the South Australian Maritime Museum, in particular Senior Curator Lindl Lawton. The film was screened at the SA Maritime Museum as part of the ‘Rough Medicine: Life & Death’ in the Age of Sail exhibition. The exhibition will continue to tour Australia into 2017.
Australian National Maritime Museum – 13/2/2016 – 16/5/2016
Western Australian Maritime Museum – 3/6/2016 – 21/8/2016
Geraldton Museum – 2/9/2016 – 20/11//2016
Albany Museum – 28/11/2016 – 2/3/2017
Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery – 24/3/2017 – 30/4/2017



The Path of Totality

In 2002 a total solar eclipse passed over outback South Australia. I produced The Path of Totality, an hour long documentary to commemorate the event. The film features footage and photographs of the total solar eclipse combined with interviews and reactions from a wide variety of characters including eclipse chasers, astronomers, ravers, astrologers and cynics. The Path of Totality was selected to play on 600 screens around Australia and New Zealand for National Science Week.
This 2012 release of the film includes additional scenes and I’ve spent many hours improving audio and visual aspects.
The DVD includes a number of special features:
– Spectacular NASA Sun & eclipse footage –
– WIN television footage form the 1976 total solar eclipse in South Australia –
– Eclipse photography stills gallery –
– Soundtrack film clip by Happy Ghosts –
– L’eclipse 1907 surreal short film –

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From Farms to Suburbia: a short history of Prospect, South Australia

Since 1836, the City of Prospect has been transformed from Kaurna land into a thriving modern suburb with a priceless heritage of nineteenth century housing and shops.
How did it all begin? How did the City grow and develop? Who were some of the key figures?
This entertaining introduction to the history of the City of Prospect, South Australia covers these topics and more: Sport, wartime, education, health services, housing, business and industry, transport, hotels, government services and religion.
Respect to the Kaurna people, and their ongoing custodianship and spiritual relationship with their country.
This 20 min film was made in collaboration with Prospect Local History Group.



The Closed Schools of Marion

From 1987 to 2009 nine public schools on the plains of Marion, South Australia closed due to changing demographics and the Education Department rationalising its services. There are thousands of former students who attended these schools which were among the largest schools in South Australia in their hey-day. To commemorate these schools Marion Historical Society mounted The Closed Schools of Marion exhibition in May 2011 and Starkeyz was funded by History SA to produce a film about these schools. Over two afternoons I filmed 17 people who related their school day memories and thoughts about the significance of these schools in their lives. Along with archival photographs and artefacts these diverse memories and experiences were edited into an hour long film, The Closed Schools of Marion. Although the film is about South Australian schools there are memories that relate to people all over the world who went to school from the 50’s to the 90’s. The Closed Schools of Marion has been used as a classroom tool for students doing a literature research on 1960’s social history through an American Novel, the students were able to compare the times and what teenagers did at that time. It has also been used as an educational tool to relate the fact that public schools were successful and Arts went not always sidelined in the past. The Closed Schools of Marion is full of heart felt memories along with many humorous anecdotes and it was singled out by Mandy Paul (a senior curator at History SA) as a highlight of the 51 projects funded by History SA in 2011.

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Edge of Nothingness

A few scenes from a half hour documentary I made for artist Andrew Baines. Andrew is a painter who takes some of his inspiration from staging surreal human art installations. In the Edge of Nothingness I follow and interview Andrew as he takes his human art installations from the Australian coastline to the centre of Sydney.



Engaging the Land

This is an excerpt from a film I made for internationally renowned scultopr Greg Johns about his Palmer Sculpture Landscape. In 2001 Johns purchased a 400 acre property at Palmer in South Australia. Here he has engaged the Australian landscape with the installation of more than 20 sculptures and a program of environmental restoration.

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Living a Positive Life

The Aged Rights Advocacy Service (ARAS) produced this DVD with support from SA Health Office for the Ageing to encourage older people to engage with their communities and remain in control of their lives.



Caring for Indigenous people with dementia in remote areas

A half hour DVD accompanied by 24 page booklet. The aim of this resource is to educate health professionals about professional and cultural issues when caring for indigenous people in the Northern territory. The film features interviews with professionals and researchers discussing the unique needs and challenges of working in this field along with images of indigenous people living with dementia, their families and communities. Produced by Australian Federal Government and South Australia & Northern territory Dementia Training Study centre.



A & H Doddridge Blacksmith Shop

is located on the Main Street of Angaston, South Australia. The shop is a working museum dedicated to the skills of the blacksmith, it is rich in history with over 130 years of blacksmithing at the site and many of the original tools and equipment on display. You are invited to come and experience one of the oldest working main street smithys in South Australia. Opening hours are 1-4pm on Saturdays , Sundays and public holidays. School excursions and group visits are available by appointment.